Matchmaking Discussion Thread

Matchmaking Discussion Thread

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Fix matchmaking!!!

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. It’s pretty obvious this topic is nothing new to this subforum, and I did read the rules and what is allowed to be posted in this subforum before I mention the matchmaking topic and I see i’m good to go about this.

Let me start with the fact nothing in this game matter balance wise if the matchmaking will stay like this, when I heard about the new patch huge challenges I was worried than looking forward for it knowing how unfair the matchmaking will be that mainly and most often one side of the team will abuse the meta and OP champion than the other due to the matchmaking.

Skill based matchmaking in Advanced Warfare has been a huge subject last couple of months, and decided it was a subject that couldn’t be ignored. 2 on this one, or you must think it is just because SBMM lol, get a clue.

Due to the increasing number of trolls, AFK and toxic players, you need to make it so that matchmaking will not join allow a player who has been ignored to join the group if someone in that group has ignored them. No one should be forced to be in a group with a Loki troll that keeps teleportation them all over the tile and not allowing them to enjoy the game. The same for AFK players. They hurt the group and sometimes you may have 2 out of 4 players AFK in an tough mission, I have seen it.

Warfrme is starting to have problems with Loki Tolls, Limbo Trolls and AFKers and I feel that as these players increase you could start losing some of your paying customers. Yes it is free to play but some of us buy lots of platinum and feel that we should not have to put up with harassment from someone who has likely not spent a dime.

Consider this: Blocking the people who is ruining the experience for others will not hurt Warframe in any way. People will learn to act responsibly as it becomes harder to find groups to harass.

Fortnite players furious with cross-platform skill-based matchmaking

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you have been placed in read-only mode. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. So I’ve been watching a few streamers playing this. I also have played and it’s been pretty disheartening to say the least. I was watching my favorite streamer, boogie, he hasn’t had time to watch videos on how to play the game or to watch other streamers to figure out how to play, and the description for solo says “for experienced players”, so he joined a session with 4 people to learn how to play.

Fix matchmaking dont match us with strong opponents. Of course they will just ignore us, its been a long time since matchmaking is not fair, developers just dont even care. Oops you guys dont even bother care to fix it lol.

Boosts arent the problem. This game would be dreadful if everyone at end game had the same lineup and all the creatures had ALL the same stats. People would begin memorizing or recording each and every hit from creature A to creature A and creature A to creature B and so on. Then they would factor in crit and buffs. It would become a mechanical ball of rolling repetition. Stat boosts allow you to have lower tier creatures become comparable to high end uniques.

They also allow creatures at end game to have different stats than others of the same creature type and level. I have a stat boosted level 25 Paramaloch that I refuse to give up because more than enough times, it has saved my ass and won the match against all level 30 stat boosted creatures. I have two lvl 26 as my highest leveled creatures.

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Matchmaking Discussion Thread – posted in Gameplay: Ps how about some reaction on AW are ignoring this every time. Lol.

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Some of that good matchmaking people are talking about. The problem is, how does the MM know they will pick the high gear heroes and not choose to play a new hero?

Exclusive Matchmaking – Vida Challenges Internet Dating (d8ing)

How does league of legends ranked matchmaking work Lol matchmaking isn’t affected by your progress. It, one billion. Examples of series of. To let players matched against a mysterious and only pairs players. Click on what is incorrect, or akin.

matchmaking using the game League of Legends or LoL (Riot Games, ) as same way, but were able to ignore some questions in the first part concerning.

The news was rolled out as part of a DOTA 2 update blog post. Regarding the ban wave, Valve notes that several different groups of various bad actors will now be banned, including players with low behavior scores and players who are detected buying and selling Steam accounts. Anyone using exploits or cheats will also be banned. The blog post from Valve is currently offline, but a copy is available from Google Cache. Smurf accounts — accounts created by the same player to deceptively present themselves as less experienced than they actually are — are also being cracked down on.

First, Valve has closed loopholes that allowed players to dodge the phone number verification system. Players will not be allowed to queue for ranked matches until and unless they attach a unique number. Second, access to ranked matches will now require at least hours of playtime in DOTA 2. This should help cut down on the smurfing problem. If players attempt to game the system but demonstrate a level of skill that indicates they clearly belong in a different group, the game will adjust their matchmaking rating MMR more quickly, to line them up against the right players.

LoL New champion select – season 6 new matchmaking mode

Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr ru. Leave a Reply. Although people still complain, those game’s succcess clearly demonstrates that their strategies work. When playing solo, every few games you get matched with rather new players — usually without even a food buff and face a 4-man premade that I often even know from duels and other occasions and who will even message me something like “RIP xDD” before the match starts.

And better, the Matchmaking so dense in Ranked below their lack of because its actually I gave up theRealOG posts theRealOG posts Ender Ignored Highly Rated Jul, Edited Its Am Fluttershy Lol HS defenders thinking pay to Blizzard for.

LoL if you think you got it bad, try playing with me in bronze. Would probably draw more viewers than an OWL homestead. Vlog of several of them boxing things up and being escorted off the campus. Well it certainly is broken. That was never the fault of the matchmaker, though. That was always the fault of poor player choice.

The same thing happened when I tried it with Widowmaker, I played and won 5 in a row with Widow, popping, enemy team never had 1… then 4 out of the 5 next games the enemy team always had a Widow, who was pretty damn good, literally it was battle of the Widows all game. Matchmaker is a joke I agree.

How does MMR/matchmaking work in LOL ranked ?

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